Once upon a Time in Rio…
Many, many moons ago I was as usual on my way to my work. The sun appeared shy on the horizon but I knew for certain that soon he would be shining bright in Rio's sky! I was early and the morning was so beautiful that I decided to ride around Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon before beginning the same old office routine.

The morning was magic. I felt so alive, so passionate, watching so many people jogging, biking, walking their dogs and taking an early morning swim. I understood that I couldn't keep spending my days in an air-conditioned office dressed in a suit and high hells. Nothing was certain; all I knew was that I needed to work outside! With a degree in Business and an MBA in Finance it would be a challenge. But, so what?!

Daily I sat mesmerized by the beach enjoying life in my city, so full of beauty where skyscrapers mingle with forest and sea. Day after day here and there I found sweet little corners of Rio. The city was revealing its secrets and kept amazing me as if it was my first time exploring it.

Then, right on the beach fully dressed (flip flops and a Speedo) I met a friend who is a tour guide: “- Martha, I finally found you! I am receiving a Canadian group and they are half English speaking and half French speaking. I need you to translate from English to French for a full-sized bus".

I had no idea of what would happen, but for fun, I decided, why not?! This experience changed my life. Without any doubt, I knew exactly what I was meant to do. Soon after, I went back to school and became a Licensed EMBRATUR* Tour Guide!

As a Tour Guide I quickly became highly recognized because I consider all tourists as guests coming to visit me in my home town and for tours to not only the “touristy” spots but for more specialized local side tours as well. Simply, I try to show my guests the genuine happiness that is Rio!

I hope you too will let me welcome you to my home town, Rio!



Some of My Guests and
What They Say About Me...

“… with Martha as your guide, you will have
a truly exceptional time in Rio…”
Casey & Ralph